Sony Ericsson Android 3.0 PSP Go Smartphone

Engadget is reporting today that Sony Ericsson could be building a PSP Go style device that will run Android 3.0 and work as a smartphone.

The information comes from a trusted source and indicates that Sony Ericsson is working on a way to redefine gaming using the Android 3.0 platform.

Sony Ericsson “…is at work on a project to redefine gaming on Google’s mobile platform. We now know (via a trusted source) that the company is actively and heavily developing a brand new gaming platform, ecosystem, and device (possibly alongside Google) which are already in the late stages of planning. And we’ve got the goods on it.”

The device has been described as sitting between the PSP Go and the Samsung Captivate and will see a slide out set of controls in place of where a slide-out QWERTY keyboard would be.

A long touch pad will be used for analog controls as well as the standard PSP buttons (triangle, x, square, circle) and a couple of shoulder buttons.

Screen size will be between 3.7 inches and 4.1 inches and it is expected to have at least a WVGA resolution.

Engadget have all the details on it, so check it out now. One thing we will point out is that Sony Ericsson could release the Android 3.0 based device as early as October this year.

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