Sony PS3 3D Firmware Update Coming Soon

Several months ago we first heard that 3D was heading towards the Sony Playstation 3 in the way of a firmware update that would convert ALL existing games to a 3D format automatically. Although it was said that not all games would look good in 3D, it would give an added dimension and work well on a number of games already released on the console.

What we are hearing now is that this firmware update could be arriving within the next few months along side Sony BRAVIA 3D screens specifically made to be compatible with the PS3 in 3D.

From what we hear, Sony will be developing games that are specifically designed to work in 3D. As well as new 3D games being launched, firmware will also allow 3D BD (blu-ray discs) to work on the PS3 allowing high definition 3D movies to play on the new range of TV’s with existing PS3 hardware.

3D is certainly gaining some interest by manufacturers and makes you wonder if a standard will be met and how popular it will be this time around.


  1. What about a full fledged Web browser that is better than the current crappy one? PS3 is badly in need for a decent browser that supports plugins and gives you the same experience as if you are infront of a computer.

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