Sony PS3 Firmware Update to Bring 3D to All PS3 Games

Sony-PS3-3D-FirmwareIn 2010, Sony will be launching a new firmware update for the PlayStation 3 that will bring 3D to ALL PlayStation 3 games. Although they say all, there might be a few games that just don’t work well with 3D, but on the whole all should be compatible.

The system works by sending out a HDMI signal to a 3D TV that runs at 200Hz. Each frame displayed on the screen alternates between the left and right eye giving a 100Hz per eye 3D image. For a test an Engadget editor tried out Wipeout HD and said it looked amazing. Video of the game after the jump although you wont actually see it in 3D as you need to be there wearing the special glasses.

Via: Gizmodo and Engadget

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