Sony not Offering Refunds to those Upset with Other OS Removal

On April 1, Sony made a new firmware update available for the PS3 which removed the Other OS install feature. This was just a removal on the older larger Sony PlayStation 3 console because the new slimmer version doesn’t have the feature anyway.

Shortly after installing the firmware update, one user successfully managed to get a partial refund on the basis of the console not being capable anymore of what it used to do. This case was successful and the user managed to claw back £84 from Amazon.

Sony have now made a statement which says…

The PS3 is first and foremost a games console and our marketing materials for the console reflect this. The console packaging and the in-box manual for the console do not refer to the use of Linux on the console. Rather, the console packaging states that the product’s design and specifications are subject to change without notice and that the system software within the console is subject to a limited licence between SCE and the consumer, and this licence permits SCE to update the system software and services offered from time to time.

We expected this to be the case, so perhaps now is the time to quickly grab a refund if Amazon and others are handing them out as no doubt, it will stop very soon.

Alternatively, Geohot managed to hack the new firmware to re-enable the Other OS install feature and he should be releasing details of that soon.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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