Geohot gets “Other OS” working on New PS3 Firmware

On April Fools day, Sony released a new PS3 firmware update that in particular, got rid of the Other OS option on the older and fatter PS3. If you decided to run the update then you basically lost your Linux or other OS you had running on the PS3 along with any files that you may of had associated with it.

When the announcement was first made, popular hacker Geohot urged people not to upgrade if they wanted to keep that feature and also mentioned he was in the process of making a work around for it.

The work around has now been created although it hasn’t been publicly released just yet. In the video below you’ll see a PS3 running the latest firmware 3.21 along with the OtherOS option still present. When the hack is launched it will be just a matter of installing a PUP file and once done, the option will be enabled.

Follow the post over here to get the latest updates of when the hack will be made available.

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