Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone Could Launch December 9

A mysterious press event is being held in France on December 9. The captured ad for the event shows several familiar logos which includes a phone symbol, X, Circle, Triangle and Square of course with the latter four of the five being Playstation controls. Mix that with the phone just before it… is the Playstation Phone about to be announced?

The image (in French) says that this event is to be the most anticipated in the last 10 years. The event will be hosted by Pierre Perron who is the DG of Sony Ericsson in France.

Details revealed earlier about this particular device reveal that it has a 1GHz processor along with 512MB of RAM. It is expected that a slide out set of controls will be used on the device. As well as it containing a phone, we also hear it will run Gingerbread (AKA, Android 2.3).

We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes on this event as the rumours of a PSP Phone now need sorting out sooner rather than later. We have heard conflicting information about this particular console with it first being denied and then being hinted at for February next year and now perhaps just a couple of weeks away, a few days after Android 2.3 Gingerbread is believed to arrive.

What do you guys think of a Playstation Phone? Could it be the ultimate mobile gaming device or should Sony stick to full sized consoles? I think if they can get the games right and have the Android 2.3 OS run smooth enough then they are in with a chance. Especially mixing the 3G connectivity and including WiFi connectivity to grab games from a single store will be an important part here. As for the phone part, it’s certainly handy having all devices combined in to one so you always have both phone and games machine with you whilst on the move.

Via: TechMagNews

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