Skype To Bring Video Calling to Windows Phone 7

By the end of 2011 you will more than likely be able to use Skype on your Windows Phone 7 smartphone to make video calls. This assumes you have a front facing camera of course.

Microsoft is currently hiring someone “…for building and optimizing the Skype Video Engine solution for Microsoft Windows and Windows Phone platforms.”. This strongly indicates that Skype video calling will be coming soon to WP7 smartphones.

Note that it’s Microsoft who is hiring and that’s because they now own Skype after a deal that went through a few months back.

This information shouldn’t really come as a surprise as Microsoft purchased Skype to expand in to that area and not allowing video calls would be a little bit crazy.

We don’t have exact details of when Skype will launch, but we suspect we might hear something at the Microsoft/Nokia announcement in a few weeks time and perhaps we could see the launch of video calling later on this year.


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