Microsoft and Nokia Event Being Held on August 17

In a few weeks time on August 17, Nokia and Microsoft will be holding a special event. The event is being held in Cologne, Germany at the GamesCon trade fair. It isn’t fully known how many Nokia/WP smartphones will be on show at the event, ie… which smartphone will be revealed, but what we do see is the Nokia and Windows Phone logo on show which guarantees that we’ll see where Nokia is at with the new operating system while also getting launch details of the device.

Not much is known about the new Nokia WP devices, but early testers have reportedly said that they are very optimistic about the devices. We have seen sneak peaks before at a device codenamed Sea Ray and it has been described as looking similar to the N9. It is believed to have an 8 megapixel camera and use Gorilla glass on the front to prevent from scratches being left.

When it (or they) launch, they will run the Windows Phone Mango update (7.5) which was recently unveiled by Microsoft.

We expect Nokia could do well with the WP Mango based smartphones due to the popularity of the company in years gone by.


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