Sky 3D Now Available

As of today Sky TV have launched Europe’s first 3D channel and for those who already have Sky World HD subscriptions, get this great new channel for free! (Of course providing they have a 3D ready TV set that is).

So with Sky’s 3D channel you get everything you’d expect, such as movies, sports, documentaries and other entertainment channels to boot. If you’ve already experienced watching films at the cinema in 3D then you know what to expect apart from the ever so slight difference of being in the comfort of your own home. But for those who haven’t, its like having those memories of 3d films with those glasses with the red and green lenses, only this time round things are a little more up-to-date for the 21st century with movies and sports etc, in full colour and a much crisper, sharper and a greater, high definition image.

What’s more, the people at Sky have brought along Stephen Fry to explain the whole ethos around 3D TV. You can watch the video for yourself here.

Mr Fry certainly does a great job of explaining things though the big issue still almost smothering the “3D” thing is the cost of the TV sets themselves along with the glasses as well, especially if you have a large family or have your mates round. You going to make your friends fork out for new 3D glasses??

We guess this’ll all come down to how often you’re likely to watch TV yourself or with the family, how often you have mates round and how much cash you’ll be willing to spend.

Currently Panasonic, Sony, LG and Samsung all have various 3D TV models now available ranging in price from as little as £820 for the cheapest set by Samsung (for more details click here), to the most expensive at around £3000 plus for one of Sony’s.


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