Siri Used to Control an Entire Room

A new plugin has been created that can allow Siri to control various items in a home. The plugin doesn’t have a name at the moment which means we’ll just have to call it the Room Controller plugin.

Since the Siri protocol was captured and figured out a few programs have been able to make use of the data and capture it on its way to Apple and then pass the needed information back to the phone with a result. We’ve seen this before thanks to plamoni who created some proxy software that could step in-between the iPhone 4S and Apple to capture commands.

This new demonstration shows a standard (unjailbroken) iPhone 4S controlling curtains, lights and a fan within a room of a house. Although you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone 4S to get this working, there are 10 other steps that need to be taken. To get the proxy working you need to create a fake DNS registry so that data sent over your network to is captured locally.

Take a look at the video below to see it in action:

How this works:
I have OSX Lion running in VMWare, MaraDNS routing, and a ruby gem that directs commands back to a C# server I have written for my iphone app (see other videos) and dual purposed for Siri 🙂
The C# server talks to directly to the X10 interface via CM15a.
X10 is what controls the fan and lights.
The curtains are opened/closed using some pieces from an old robotics kit and using an arduino to power it all. It can respond to X10, RFID, and physical buttons as well.

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