iPhone 4S Siri Hacked to Control Thermostat

Siri for the iPhone 4S was mostly figured out recently when hackers managed to see how it communicates with Apple [AAPL]. We are now beginning to see some fairly decent Siri hacks. The first of the hacks allows Siri to control a thermostat in someone’s home. The temperature and status can be checked with Siri and the thermostat can also be reset to a different temperature.

This was achieved by a developer creating his own proxy server to stand in between his iPhone 4S and Apple. When requests are made to Siri the proxy server responds, collects the information it needs and passes it back to the iPhone 4S. This means that the 4S doesn’t require a jailbreak and that Siri can simply respond to the questions asked in an appropriate way.

To demonstrate the process @plamoni has uploaded a video to Youtube that shows him asking for the inside temperature and the status of the thermostat. He also requests the thermostat increases temperature.

The source code can be downloaded from GitHub.

Source 1

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