Shipped ROMS Stays Open for Now

Conflipper has managed to work out some sort of deal with HTC that allows the Shipped ROMS site to stay open a bit longer. If you remember back a few weeks back the site owner was sent a cease & desist by HTC.

In speaking with HTC, Conflipper says the following…

I have already removed all test files. They are talking with the engineers to get me a list together. They have said since I am doing my part to comply, that I have no reason to worry about the 2 weeks being up on July 1. That I am okay to keep everything online until this gets worked out.

One option to keep the site operating longer is for Shipped ROMS to become a license partner with HTC which is an option that HTC can explore.

I will continue to wait for a list from HTC, but no need to password protect anything for the time being. They asked why I had this site, I told them becuase it seemed like there was a big middle ground that was being missed. They agreed to this.

Conflipper says it’s looking like good news, so for now you should still be able to get hold of some ROMS. The site owner is still waiting for a list of files to remove off the site, but for now they are there till HTC take the next step.

Full details over here.

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