HTC sends C&D to Shipped-ROMs Website

Shipped-ROMs is a site that includes many ROMs for devices that users can download and modify if needed.

HTC doesn’t seem to like this and they are going after the site owner Conflipper requesting that he stops distributing HTC ROM’s.

“While HTC tries to take a hands off [approach] about the modder / ROM chef community, this site’s sole purpose [is] to make HTC’s content available for download from a source other than HTC. That content is not just the open source parts and kernels of Android but all of the software that HTC itself has developed. This is a clear violation of our copyrights and HTC needs to defend itself in these cases.”

It’s looking like the site will stop distributing the ROMs but I doubt it will put any dent in the modding community as developers will just grab the ROM’s from elsewhere and still provide is with the decent upgrades and modifications that make the devices cool.

More details over at Shipped-ROMs.

Via: MobileCrunch

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