Sharp AQUOS LX Series Launching in November

sharp_led_aquos_003Sharp are due to launch a new range of LED based HDTV’s. The Sharp AQUOS LX series will come in 4 sizes with models starting at 40″ going up to 46″, 52″ and 60″ in size.

Sharp claim that the new TV’s will have a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 as well as a decrease of up to 30% in power consumption. The TV’s use LED backlight technology to help achieve the power saving and 2M:1 contrast ratio.

Sound output is provided by Du Bass ARSS 6 speakers that are arranged in a 2.1 channel setup. Just the larger of the screens will support this (46″ and above).

Newly developed panels incorporate Sharp’s proprietary UV2A*2 photo-alignment technology for bright whites and extremely deep blacks; and the LED backlight offers highly precise control of the light output. In addition, the combination of these newly developed panels and the LED backlight gives the LX Series high energy efficiency that results in the industry’s lowest level of energy consumption.

Sharp AQUOS LX Series Major Features

1. High image quality thanks to a next-generation LCD panel and LED backlight. (TV
contrast*4 of 2,000,000:1)
2. Industry’s lowest level of energy consumption (reduced by more than 30% compared to
predecessor GX Series).
3. Comes with improved AQUOS High-Picture-Quality Master Engine and Preferred Image
Sensor for automatically adjusting to viewers’ preferred image and sound settings.
4. Powerful sound with ARSS six-speaker system with duo bass sub-woofer (available on
60V/52V/46V-inch models).
5. Improved AQUOS Familink II seamlessly links the functions of the AQUOS and
peripheral devices for enhanced user-friendliness.

Available November 10. Pricing is not yet known. Via: GadgetLite and Akihabara

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