SanDisk Announce 64GB Memory Module for Windows Phone 7 Series

Yesterday we mentioned that SanDisk were launching a microSDHC card that has a 32GB capacity. This was a fantastic achievement considering they are the first company to ship a microSDHC card with that capacity. Along with that announcement came along another announcement that they have also managed to squeeze 64GB of storage capacity on to a card similar in size to a microSDHC card.

The new card is designed to be embedded in to mobile phone devices. You might wonder why a company would want to embed a card that’s traditionally not embedded so it can be removed. The reasons for this is based around the new Windows Phone 7 Series devices that Microsoft [MSFT] announced would have a fixed (un removable) memory card inside. A card like the one pictures above (the left card out of the 3 pictured) is a card that can be embedded. Unlike microSDHC cards that are currently 32GB in size, these particular cards are up to 64GB capacity now.

This doesn’t guarantee that Microsoft or mobile phone manufacturers are going to use them in their phones, but there is a strong possibility that cards of this capacity will be used or offered as options when ordering a phone.

It’s another great achievement and will certainly give Windows Phone 7 Series devices plenty of storage to store applications and media on them.

Via: WMPowerUser


  1. I have a windows phone and do not have enough memory on it now. When looking at them I was told I could use my 32gig memory card.I was very disappointed on this because the phones did not come with alot of memory. 8 Gig is not alot now a days
    when will the memory cards be a available I really don’t want a iPhone just for the memory , I love my windows phone. Help!

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