Samsung Wave gets DivX HD Certification

Samsung have announced that their new Samsung Wave smartphone is the first in the world to get DivX HD certification meaning it supports playback on screen of 720p HD video. That’s a lot of pixels squashed in to the 3.3 inch Super AMOLED screen.

It does make you ask the question though in regards to if a screen measuring 3.3 inches can really produce anything different than a non HD screen at a slightly lower resolution. Would you be able to spot the difference? With that aside, it’s still quite a claim for Samsung and mixed with the Super AMOLED screen should give an amazing viewing experience.

Features of the Samsung Wave include Bluetooth 3.0 and wireless 802.11n. The Wave is the first phone to run bada, the new OS from Samsung. I’m not convinced yet it will go anywhere as an OS, but I’ll wait till I test the unit before making that a real judgement.

Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S recently also. This model also has a Super AMOLED screen although the screen measures 4.5 inches (1.2 inches larger than the Wave). This device also has been certified for DivX HD.

It will be interesting to see what 720p content looks like on the smaller screens when launched. [DVICE]

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