Samsung Galaxy i9000 Android 2.1 Smartphone Announced

The Samsung Galaxy i9000 has been announced. The new smartphone when launched will run the Android 2.1 operating system, feature Samsung’s own Super AMOLED screen in a WVGA resolution of 800 x 480 pixels that measures 4 inches. The Samsung Galaxy will also run a 1GHz processor to keep things running smoothly.

The new Galaxy is what Samsung are aiming to be their flagship smartphone to tackle the likes of the Google [GOOG] Nexus One and the Motorola DROID in terms of features and an almost matching operating system (still waiting for that DROID 2.1 update).

Feature include assisted GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0 as well as wireless connectivity that sees the phone connecting to wireless 802.11b/g and n networks. Storage capacity can be increased by utilising the built in microSD card slot. Standard storage is optional at 8GB or 16GB with the microSD card slot allowing a further 32GB of data to be stored which provides quite a bit of space for music, photos and video to be stored.

The Samsung Galaxy i9000 also uses a new “social hub” user interface that connects the phone up to the social networks that you are joined to such as Twitter and Facebook.

Connectivity to wireless networks (as in carriers not WiFi) allows it to connect at GSM 900/1900/2100 (tri-band) and it has UMTS/HSPA connectivity also.

A number of applications are pre-loaded on to the device that include the new text entry system called Swype which recently became available for Android along with Layar which is an augmented reality application augmenting virtual data over live images captured from the camera. ThinkFree Office Viewer is also bundled in as well as DLNA.

No pricing or release dates have been provided just yet, but we expect sometime early Summer.

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