Samsung Orion 1GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex A9 Chip Announced

The Samsung Galaxy S has a fast CPU inside that allows it to shift three times the amount of triangles when compared to a Nexus One and iPhone 3GS.

The chip used inside is about to seem old though after a new announcement came today about a chip called the Samsung Orion. The Orion runs at 1GHz, but rather than being a single core device, it’s a dual-core which brings more power to devices it is used in.

The chip is an ARM Cortex A9 that Samsung say can achieve the following… “5 times the 3D graphics performance over the previous processor generation from Samsung,”.

That’s not bad going at all. The chip allows for up to three displays to be powered which could be connected via the HDMI 1.3a output on a smartphone.

The chip is launching towards the end of this year to select companies which probably means Samsung will be launching a Samsung Galaxy S 2 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 mid next year with the chip and will also let a couple of other companies use it.

Via: Engadget

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