Samsung Omnia 2 to get Swype Text Entry System

swypeIn September last year we first mentioned Swype, a system that was created by the inventor of T9 predictive text input. The Swype system allows you to glide your finger around a virtual keyboard moving quickly from letter to letter while it calculates what word you are wanting to input.

After about 14 months of waiting we hear today that the Samsung Omnia 2 on the Verizon network will be the first phone to use the Swype input system.

The Swype input system appears to work very well on the comparison. The video below shows text on an iPhone compare to Swype on another phone with the user inputting text with Swype being the clear winner in terms of speed. Of course it’s not a result for every iPhone user vs Swype user as it will all depend on the person entering the text, but at least it offers another option for text entry on a virtual keyboard hopefully that some people will like.

The Samsung Omnia 2 is a Windows Phone but TechCrunch have reported that an Android based phone will be getting Swype early 2010… perhaps the new Google Phone that was recently mentioned?


  1. intersting

  2. Who is the douche typing on the iphone? I can type faster than him with one hand.

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