Samsung Galaxy Tab UK Price – £680 at Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Tab price is still yet to be confirmed by Samsung although a number of retailers have now listed the tablet on their sites.

Amazon in the UK is the latest who first listed the 16GB model for a hefty £799 although shortly after the price was dropped to a slightly more respectable £680.

Although we can compare that to the 16GB Wifi+3G iPad at £529, it’s also a little difficult to compare as the Tab has a few extra features such as a camera and ports. However, people are likely going to compare it to the iPad as it’s essentially another tablet device that is the first main stream rival to the iPad.

Right now we don’t know much about the Galaxy Tab 32GB model. If the 16GB models are in the £650+ price range we wonder how high the 32GB model could go.

What is expected for the Galaxy Tab is that carriers will subsidise the price with contracts as the device is pretty much a large 7 inch phone that can make both voice calls and use 3G for data connectivity.

For more details on the iPad vs the Tab check out our post over here.

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