Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Could be Unveiled in March

At MWC a few weeks back, we had the chance to see the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 being announced (device pictured above). We now hear rumors about Samsung releasing an 8.9 inch version that could potentially be called the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.

This new model will sit right between the Android 2.2 Galaxy Tab (7 inch model) and the newly announced Android 3.0 Honeycomb Galaxy Tab 10.1. This new model will also run the Android Honeycomb operating system it is believed. This comes from the Android 2.X range being good for devices up to 7 inches in size, so the 8.9 model is likely to get Honeycomb.

It isn’t known just yet, what we can expect to see in this model. We expect that the specs will also fall somewhere between the regular Tab and the Tab 10.1 in terms of processor, GPU and other technical specs.

If we find out more about this, we’ll post it, but for now it appears to be mainly rumor and speculation.

Via: Samsung Hub


  1. Damien Zubia says

    I really like the Galaxy Tab 8.9. It is small enough to be super portable, and big enough to make for a great tablet. I really like that Samsung redesigned the tablets a few weeks after Apple released the iPad 2. As soon as this tablet comes out, I am going to get one! As soon as I do the first app that is going on the tab will be the DISH Remote Access app. The cool thing about this app is it lets me watch TV using my 922 SlingLoaded receiver. As long as I have a 3G or wifi connection, I can stream live TV and recorded shows anywhere I want. TV is just so much better when you can watch it when you want. I love this app and as a customer and employee of DISH Network, and I know it will be perfect for the Galaxy Tab! Hopefully summer rolls around fast so that I can get one as soon as possible!

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