Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Going Exclusive to Vodafone UK

Vodafone has announced that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be landing on its network in the UK as an exclusive.

The announcement was made on the official Vodafone UK twitter page.

Great news! Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will launch exclusively with Vodafone UK. More info soon! #mwc2011 #android #honeycomb

It isn’t clear at the moment how long the exclusivity will be for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on the Vodafone network, but Vodafone will be making more official announcements soon which could be days or weeks away.

As for a launch date, we heard both March and April yesterday, so right now it could be with in the next 3 to 8 weeks or so.

As for prices, we are not sure at the moment although we expect to see this sold both on contract and off contract and we suspect it could be locked to the Vodafone network.

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