Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone to get Android 2.2 Update

The Samsung Galaxy S range of smartphones will eventually get an upgrade to Android 2.2. Out of the box they are supplied with Android 2.1, but the official Twitter account mentioned yesterday that all device will be updated at some point.

As well as getting the Android 2.2 upgrade, the smartphones will also be able to install Adobe Flash 10.1 allowing flash content to be used on the device.

Several phones classed as Galaxy S devices are being launched in the US with each network rebranding the devices. Yesterday we saw several of these which include the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon, Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint, Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile and the Samsung Captivate for AT&T.

Samsung hasn’t mentioned when each network will push out an Android 2.2 update which means it could be a few months away rather than weeks after the official launches. Hopefully the latter will be true.

Via: Twitter and Electronista

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