Samsung Captivate Android Smartphone goes to AT&T

Samsung has announced the Samsung Captivate. The Captivate is an Android OS based smartphone that actually looks like it could be good.

The device falls in to the Samsung Galaxy S class of smartphones and has a Super AMOLED touchscreen measuring 4 inches. Powering the Captivate is a 1GHz hummingbird chip that can shift three times the amount of triangles when compared to a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU seen in devices such as the Nexus One.

A 5 megapixel camera can be found on the Samsung Captivate and it is capable of capturing video at a resolution of 720p. For storage, there’s up to 32GB combined with internal and external.

When launched the Samsung Captivate will run on Android 2.1 rather than the latest Google Android 2.2.

For connectivity the device can access the HSPA network and transfer data at up to speeds of 7.2MBps.

The Captivate represents a new breed of smartphones powered by the open and innovative Android platform, with full support of Google Mobile Services including Android Market”, Google Search”, Google Maps”, Gmail”, YouTube”, Google Talk” and more. Users can also access the Android Market¢ and customize their experience with more than 60,000 exciting and useful applications. The Captivate also features Samsung’s Super AMOLED display screen technology, a 1 GHz Samsung Hummingbird Application Processor and Samsung Social Hub, a feature that integrates the user’s social networking services, messages, personal and business email, calendars and contacts.

Wireless is built in that allows it to connect up to 802.11b/g/n networks. Overall it looks set to be a fantastic Android device although with it being on AT&T [T] there could be some restrictions in place like we have seen on previous Android devices on that network.

Pricing and release dates are not known just yet although AT&T do mention it’s coming in the next few months.

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