Samsung Galaxy SIII Jelly Bean Update for international devices could launch August 29

At the moment the Galaxy S III flagship smartphone from Samsung runs the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android. Shortly after launch, Samsung mentioned that Jelly Bean 4.1 was being prepared for the SIII although no date was provided. The rumour going around today is that Samsung will now be launching the Jelly Bean update on August 29.

The Jelly Bean update is in the final stages of testing according to Sam Mobile in preparation for the Aug 29 launch. This date just happens to coincide with the beginning of IFA which hints at it being made official at the European trade show.

As well as the Galaxy SIII Jelly Bean update, Samsung will also likely demo a new Samsung Galaxy Note II which I wrote about yesterday.

When most smartphone manufactures work on the next Android update we often see a leak over at XDA Developers which hackers/modders often release quickly as alhpa or beta builds and work on the source code to finalise it. Samsung appears to be very secure with this version of JB because a ROM hasn’t leaked yet.

One problem with Android updates is that the roll-out often isn’t done at the same time for all users. What I mean by this is that there are so many carriers that need to make their own tweaks and this causes delays for some users whilst other users get it on the day of launch. Those who will get it at launch will probably be just the unlocked SIM free versions while those who purchased through a carrier will need to wait longer for the update to arrive.

Either way, its getting real close to launch now which is good news for those that will be able to take advantage of the update.

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