Samsung Galaxy S Pro with QWERTY Keyboard to Arrive June

The Samsung Galaxy S is quite a decent phone for various reasons. First off it has a 4 inch Samsung Super AMOLED screen making it very bright and vibrant. It also has a powerful CPU and GPU that see it outperform competitors with three times the amount of triangles being shifted around per second (90 Million per second). The device it’s self runs Android 2.1.

We heard rumours about a new Samsung Galaxy S Pro being launched which will have a slide out QWERTY keyboard (as pictured above… note it’s a render and not the real thing). This device has all but been officially confirmed by Eldar Murtazin who is bang on with what he says in terms of what’s happening with new devices. From what his tweet said, the Samsung Galaxy S Pro will have a QWERTY and cost an extra ‚¬50 when launched in June.

The render of the Galaxy S Pro above was created by

So, it looks like for those who wanted the Galaxy S but didn’t like the device with just a virtual keyboard, you are now in luck. However, it isn’t officially confirmed just yet although it’s as close as it will get to an official announcement. Expect Samsung to chime in with an announcement closer to June when the device is expected to launch.

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