Samsung Galaxy S Launch Announced

On Tuesday we heard rumours that the Samsung Galaxy S was launching simultaneously around the globe. This rumour has now been squashed in that the US wont get it till later this year and neither will the rest of the world. However, for those in Europe it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S will happen any day now.

The press release mentions that 100 operators across the globe have selected the smartphone due to it being a key device.

“The Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S will set a new standard for smartphones, and the excitement we’ve seen from operators and retailers for this device is testament to that,” said JK Shin, president and head of mobile communications business. “The Samsung Galaxy S is the perfect device for people in all corners of the world who want that extra edge; to be more effective, productive, better connected, and in tune with their smart life both personal and professional all in a very easy and simple way. We’re extremely confident that this device is going to be very successful in every market.”

The Samsung Galaxy S is the flagship model this year for Samsung. It has a 4 inch Super AMOLED screen. It runs a 1GHz processor. It runs Google Android and has all the connectivity you need.

Over the top of Android is the custom TouchWiz 3.0 user interface. Also access to the Android Market is possible with the Android OS allowing you to choose from a huge selection (50000+) applications to download.

Samsung Galaxy S Features

* eBook: Provides best-in-class reading experience on the phone. Customizable fonts, easy text search, and intuitive book list management offers convenient and customized reading experience.
* HD Video: Super fast 1 GHz processor enhances HD video playing and recording features on dazzling Super AMOLD screen.
* Daily Briefing: Offers instant access to weather, news, stocks, and the scheduler.
* All Share: Enables inter-device connectivity via DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology.
* Augmented Reality: Shows users’ surroundings and displays information on camera-view. Tele-Atlas POI provides richer information than ever.
* Swype: Provides fast and easy way to input text on screen while on-the-move.
* Write and go: Jot down an idea first and later decide on a format such as SMS/ MMS, email, calendar or memo.
* ThinkFree: Apps to view and edit Microsoft Office 2007 documents.
* Smart Alarm: Wakes up with a natural alarm sound and automatically turned-on display light.

It looks set to be a fantastic device. In the UK, Vodafone has a page for those who want to register their interest. The page can be found here.

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