Samsung Galaxy S – 1 Million Sold So Far – Shooting for 10M

Samsung is pushing the Galaxy S class of phones a lot. So far over 1 million of them have been sold globally. Samsung say that they will reach 10 million units which is some achievement.

When Samsung refer to the Galaxy S we assume they include all models such as the Samsung Captivate, Vibrant and the others that carriers sell in the US which all are classed as Galaxy S class phones.

The phone it’s self scored high in our Samsung Galaxy S review. It has a large 4 inch WVGA screen that uses Samsung’s Super AMOLED touchscreen that is very vibrant.

On the back of the Galaxy S is a 5 megapixel camera. There is of course plenty of connectivity on the smartphone. It runs the Google Android operating system and has a super fast CPU and GPU combination that makes it capable of shifting three times the amount of triangles when compared to the Google Nexus One.

Overall it’s an impressive phone and one that Samsung appear to be doing well with. Lets look to this time next year to see if Samsung reach their 10 million goal.

Via: Into Mobile

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