Samsung Fascinate Gets Large Update But Stays on Android 2.1

The Samsung Fascinate that runs on the Verizon network has received an update. The update is quite large in the number of changes it makes to the Android phone but unfortunately, it’s just a number of tweaks to Android 2.1 that it already runs. This means that Fascinate users are still waiting for the Android 2.2 update.

On to what the update does, we hear that a number of new features and improvements have been added. The version number of the update is i500.DL09 and it brings updated versions of V CAST Videos, City ID and the VZ Navigator. Also, the Amazon Kindle app gets an update as well as a number of changes to widgets are made. Email also gets a few enhancements.

Although most will be waiting for Android 2.2, it’s still good to see some sort of update appearing. You should receive notification of the update any day now where you can then download and install as needed.

Via: Android Guys and Coated

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