Samsung Confirms White Galaxy S II for UK

Samsung has officially confirmed that they will be launching a white version of the Samsung Galaxy S II here in the UK on September 1. The official announcement follows a few days of rumours that were started by a retailer in the UK.

The inner hardware is exactly the same as the regular black Galaxy S II with the only difference on the outside being the colour of it of course.

With the Galaxy S II doing extremely well so far in regards to sales, it isn’t known just yet if the white version will follow as it will be launching just days (perhaps a week or 2 at the most) before the iPhone 5 (if rumours are correct). Also, the Galaxy S II launched a few months back in the UK, so people might hold off for a Galaxy S III for a few more months.

Either way, it’s another option for an excellent phone. Check out our Galaxy S II review over here.

As for availability in the UK, Samsung will be launching the device on all networks as well as offering a SIM free/unlocked model. Pricing hasn’t been confirmed but expect it to cost the same as the black version.


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