Five Million Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphones Sold

Samsung has seen great success with the Galaxy range of smartphones over the last year. When the Galaxy S2 was launched, we expected to see some good numbers and the sales reports haven’t disappointed.

Over 5 million Galaxy S2 smartphones have been sold since launch. What makes this more impressive is that this number doesn’t include US numbers because the device hasn’t launched yet over there. In our Samsung Galaxy S2 review, we found the phone to be excellent in a number of ways and expected it to do very well.

The five million mark was reached within the first 3 months of the launch of the device. Although we can’t predict accurately how well the S2 will do in the US when it launches next month (on multiple carriers), we expect that by the end of the year that 10 million sold wont be too hard to reach.

The Galaxy S2 is an Android smartphone that runs the Gingerbread OS. It’s a complete revamp of the original Samsung Galaxy S and is quicker, thinner and performs extremely well. Expect to see some good things from Samsung over the coming months and in to next year.


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