Google Nexus One to cost $179.99 on Contract

Some screenshots were sent in to Gizmodo yesterday showing pricing plans for the Google Nexus One mobile phone. The web page (picture above and below) shows that the phone will cost $179.99 on a two year contract that will provide 500 talk minutes per month with unlimited messaging which includes SMS, MMS and IM as well as unlimited web browsing for $79.99 per month.

The other option shows the phone costing $529.99 unlocked where you can use your own SIM card. The unlocked version will be un-subsidized.

The web page also mentions that existing customers can upgrade to a Nexus One phone although pricing for this is unknown. Gizmodo have mentioned that customers need to switch to the one plan though and cannot keep their existing plan.

One last detail is that Google [GOOG] are calling the phone the Nexus One and not the Google Phone. According to tmonews the phone will be orderable (is that a real word?) from 9am on Jan 5 2010.

Via: Giz

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