RIM BlackPad Tablet Announcement Expected in November

The BlackPad is a rumoured tablet that RIM is supposedly building. We have heard a few leaks here and there over the last few months such as the blackpad domain being registered along with a bit of information about what it will actually be.

A new report now indicates that the BlackPad, when launched, will cost $499 which puts it in to the pricing area of the low end iPad. We also hear that RIM will be announcing the BlackPad in November, perhaps just in time for a launch before Christmas.

Although this is certainly not strong evidence we are hearing, we do expect that RIM will follow along with some kind of device, hopefully sooner rather than later. As for the operating system running on the device, RIM recently purchased a company who build an OS and it is expected that they will go ahead and modify this particular OS called QNX.

We’ll get more details out to you as the information comes in.

Via: Coated

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