Recalled 1st gen iPod nano Being Replaced with Latest Gen nano

You might remember that Apple [AAPL] has recalled a number of first generation iPod nano units. These were the ones build in September 2005. We are now seeing evidence that Apple has replaced some 1st gen units with the latest 6th gen models.

It appears that Apple is sending out either refurbished 6th gen models, or is simply cancelling the warranty on brand new replacement models (makes sense with the original purchase being about 6 years ago). Either way, some lucky folk are getting brand new devices for a battery problem found on the 1st gen devices.

There has been quite a lot of change from the original iPod nano to the current generation device. The new one is smaller, has a 1.5 inch multi-touch display, has a longer lasting battery of about 24 hours of music playback and has a lot more storage capacity than the original. Price wise, the new models are a little cheaper than when the original launched.

It isn’t known how many new generation devices are being used as replacements, but the image above is from a user who sent his iPod nano back to Apple about a month ago, so perhaps early on in the recall Apple ran out of 1st gen replacements and started switching to latest gen.


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