First Generation iPod nano Gets Recalled by Apple

Apple [AAPL] has issued a recall for the first gen iPod nano. The reason for it is due to problems with the device that in some very rare cases had problems with overheating. Batteries and heat don’t go together too well often causing explosions. Apple seems to have made the best choice here although the original nano came out five years ago.

The problem devices were built between September 2005 and January 2006 and within that and all faulty products are from a single supplier from that time frame.

To find out if your device is a problem one you need to enter the serial number in to the checker that Apple has built. Select your country and then enter the serial number as detailed in the image provided on the website. If you have a problem device then Apple recommends you change it as the device becomes more dangerous the older it gets. A replacement will take about 6 weeks from what we understand. The replacement will be an original nano… ie, a direct swap and not a newer generation device.


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