Portable Computers as Powerful as PS3 to arrive in 3 Years

Imagination Technologies are responsible for creating the PowerVR chip that runs in phones such as the iPhone, DROID as well as others. They believe that in three years time they will have a chip that will bring the power of Playstation 3 graphics to pocket sized devices.

The reason they actually believe (or know it) is due to the fact that the chip is already being designed and due to waiting for licensing, and bringing the chip in to publicly available phones (which takes 3 years) they know that 720p HD will be available with an output to TV that has PS3 capable graphics. Perhaps mini screens will also be cable of 720p at that time too.

Although all of this is “possibly” going to happen in three years, remember it isn’t Imagination Technologies who make the phones as they just specialise in the chips they use… so if HTC, Apple, Nokia and others don’t bother with it then we’ll never get it.

It will certainly be interesting seeing where the mobile phone markets are going in a few years time with 4G networks coming next year that provide even faster downloads and then the PowerVR chip’s big brother that we mentioned here, we could see some seriously powerful hardware.

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