Verizon 4G Handset Promised for Summer 2011

Verizon are going to be launching 4G services starting sometime in the middle of 2011. The new LTE handsets will have data connections that run faster than 3G and be capable of giving users fast access to file downloads on streaming video.

Devices that could use the services were on show at CES this year, so there’s already interest in this area by phone manufacturers. One of them at the show was an NVIDIA device that could decode 1080p which would be ideal for fast access.

The downside of it for those who download a lot is that it could start seeing the end of unlimited data plans in that if you want fast data then you’ll have to pay extra for every MB or GB that you download. For a lot of people this shouldn’t be a problem and specifically for downloadable shows that stream, it could be that you sign up for a subscription to a channel.

Via: Engadget and WSJ

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