PlayBook is ‘Great’ With or Without BlackBerry Phone Tethered

RIM is getting ready to launch the PlayBook in the next few months. The new tablet has left some positive thoughts around the Internet although one problem with it is that it’s a companion device to a BlackBerry Smartphone. To access some of the functions of the tablet, it will need to be tethered rather than working as a standalone tablet.

We now hear that RIM is changing this a little over time. In terms of PIM functions, these will eventually be standalone rather than having to rely on the BlackBerry tether. Unfortunately, Biden from RIM didn’t go in to details about corporate email which at the moment, will rely on the tethered connection to function.

But, what Biden did say is that “On its own, this is a great standalone tablet”. We have to agree that it is a great device although we wish they would drop all tethering requirements and let the tablet be used as a tablet on its own.

Via: BGR


  1. I kind of like the tether option, it means I can stick to one data plan with my provider, rather than being asddled with as second plan for my tablet

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