PayPal Android App Updated to Use Bump – Tap to Send Money

PayPal has updated it’s Android PayPal app to include the popular Bump service. What the PayPal/Bump integration does is allows users to bump phones together to send money to each other.

The feature has been available on the iPhone for a few months now and provided iPhone users a simple way to PayPal money to each other without having to enter email addresses to send the cash to.

The Android version is very similar in this respect in that you enter how much money you want to send and tap someone else’s phone running the PayPal app.

Another feature also lets you calculate the cost of a bill and more easily collect money from people at the restaurant rather than chasing them up for weeks after.

The application is ready for download at the usual Android Market place and can be downloaded now.

All we need now is the ability to use PayPal and Bump in stores with a tap to pay setup with an in store iPhone or Android device.

Via: Gizmodo

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