PayPal iPhone App Updated to use Bump – Tap to Transfer Money

PayPal have updated their iPhone application that now includes the software from Bump Technologies allowing a couple of iPhones to be tapped together to transmit a payment to each other.

PayPal first launched their PayPal application for the iPhone back when the app store first opened in 2008 and since then have provided various updates with this one being the latest.

The new Bump software is integrated in to the section where a transaction is initiated (as pictured above) and allows you to quickly transfer the money when needed to another user.

What the new application also does is allow you to send an invoice to contacts on your phone (essentially bill them). Another feature also lets you withdraw all funds in your account to your bank account as and when you need to.

Back to Bump for a moment. To get it working you simply need to enter the amount of money you want to transfer and then activate bump and tap the two phones together.

Other features include a tip calculator, bill splitter and a reminder function.

Via: TechCrunch


  1. Harsh agrawal says

    I find Paypal iPhone application very useful..The updated version added more features which i missed in earlier one..
    Highly recommended for Paypal users

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