O2 iPhone 4 UK microSIM Arriving June 22

There has been a bit of worry amongst those who have ordered a SIM free iPhone 4 in the UK in regards of how and when you can get hold of a microSIM for it. We know that the iPad microSIM’s don’t work on the iPhone 4 mainly because there is no voice activated on them, but carriers have yet to announce release dates of microSIM cards and where to collect them.

When speaking to all the UK carriers earlier this week, Geeky Gadgets was told that microSIMs would not be available until June 24 at the earliest with some saying a few days later. O2 however have now confirmed (in a phone call) that the iPhone 4 UK microSIMs on their network will be available around June 22 which indicates a delivery date of June 23 or 24.

We suspect other carriers will follow simply for the fact that if no one can get a microSIM for their network then they will look elsewhere. We expect all carriers to have announced pricing by Tuesday at the latest with pre-orders being a slim possibility.


  1. I just picked up a micro-SIM from an O2 shop in Salisbury, no questions asked – if you are on contract make sure you ask for a ‘Pay Monthly and Business’ micro SIM. I just phoned O2 and they have migrated my account to the new SIM, I can confirm its working FINE. Very excited to be getting my new iPhone direct from Apple next week 🙂

  2. I went into the O2 shop today and asked about them. The guy in there said they will be giving them out from Monday 21st. You have to take you apple confirmation email in.

  3. how about regular simcards? tried to find some info on that, but all could find is that regular sim can be cut down on the plastic sides to the micro SIM size and can be used. Sounds ridiculous but is it true?

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