iPad microSIM not Compatible with iPhone 4

For those of you wanting to switch out your iPad microSIM in to your iPhone 4 when it arrives next week, Apple [AAPL] has confirmed that doing this will not actually work.

In the FAQ section on the iPhone 4 page the question and answer are provided as follows…

Q: Are iPhone 4 and iPad micro-SIM cards interchangeable?

A: No. Your iPad micro-SIM card will not work with your iPhone.

While it says the microSIMs from an iPad are incompatible, we believe that this is not so much a compatibility issue on a technical side, but rather the limited functions of the microSIM from an iPad which has no voice enabled on it. When calling the phone number of an iPad you just get an error saying unable to connect.

We suspect that if you use your iPad microSIM in your iPhone then voice wont be enabled but you could still be able to browse the internet with the data connection… but with no voice it kind of makes the point of the iPhone 4 silly really. So in saying that they are not compatible is accurate in our opinion.

If it is a technical difference, which we doubt, then it will cause problems for those wanting to switch microSIM’s from their iPhone to iPad. We will give it a test when we pick up our iPhone 4 next week and see if either are compatible.

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