NVIDIA Mobile Internet Device – $99

nvidia-tegra-midMobile World Congress is underway over in Barcelona, so expect a bunch of news about mobile devices these next few days. One of the first we spotted today over at Ubergizmo was that NVIDIA are trying to tackle a market which so far, hasn’t really taken off.

The market is MID (Mobile Internet Devices) which for some reason, just aren’t doing as well as Netbooks. It seems that MID’s fall in to a category where they are too big to be a mobile phone, but too small to have the functionality of a Netbook. NVIDIA are trying to turn this around by creating a chip that should see graphics power boosted in these small devices. As well as boosting the graphics capability on a MID the chip aims to cut power consumption that could mean these devices last days on a single charge rather then just a few hours of heavy browsing. The chip used will be the Tegra 600 series which can run at 650 to 750 MHz and is capable of decoding both 720p and 1080p in real time.

Currently the platform of choice will be Windows CE which some will say is not the best. We can give them a chance though 🙂 For connectivity, Wi-fi (we assume at B/G) and 3G can be utilised.

Pricing for these types of devices could be around the $99 although to use the 3G capabilities would require a data plan of some sort.

Via: UberGizmo

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