November Launch for Amazon Kindle Tablet is Likely

Since late last week we began getting a lot of decent info about the Amazon Kindle tablet. We found out that the price would likely be $250 when it launches and also found out that a 7 inch model would be launching alone in the beginning. We now hear that it will launch in November. Nothing is official just yet although Digitimes is reporting that orders are being made for the components and that the Kindle tablet is getting ready to be built.

When the Kindle tablet launches we expect to see a heavily modified version of Android that sets the device apart from any other Android device you’ll have seen. The Android Market is said to be removed and replaced with the Amazon Market. We also noted yesterday that Amazon is testing a new tablet friendly version of its store which hints at the company making the online shopping experience a lot smoother for the new tablet.

We expect to see an announcement within the next 2 months in preparation for the estimated November launch. We also hear that a 10 inch model is still being created but that it wont launch at the same time as the 7 inch model.


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