Amazon Tablet Focused Store in Testing

We’ve seen quite a bit about Amazon in the last few days. The main story is about the Amazon Kindle Tablet that details were revealed about the other day.

We are now hearing that Amazon is in the process of testing a new design out for its site running on tablets. It seems to me that the timing of the Kindle Tablet and the testing phase of the new tablet friendly site are planned and that we can expect an official announcement soon.

The screenshot above shows another mockup of what the site could look like. It has been designed to be tablet friendly which means it needs to work better for touch based such as tapping on menu items/search boxes etc… Amazon is likely to roll out the new version at the same (or similar) time to the Kindle Tablet, so expect to see the new website appear in the next couple of months. Amazon will be proceeding with caution for a redesign as everything will need to be tested to the nearest pixel to ensure conversion rates are maintained or increased on the transition to the new layout.


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