Notion Ink Adam – Update

Notion Ink have spoken up about the Adam and what’s happening with their new Android OS based tablet computer. Although Notion Ink couldn’t comment on 3rd party issues that are effecting it’s launch date due to NDA’s, they have commented that getting flash working on the device to give satisfactory results is one of their prime goals right now. They said that they would rather have it working right, and once it does they will launch it after a couple of months of testing. Launch dates have not been specified, but what was mentioned was the hope to get it launched in time for the new school year.

The creator is a student himself, and therefore has been working with various companies to provide an all around good educational experience for the Adam tablet.

Also the Apple iPad was mentioned in that they wanted to see how that functioned and compare it to their own device as in “did they miss anything, or can they improve on anything”. Of course the iPad has a fantastically smooth UI which we hope we will see similar results on the Adam.

The creators also say that business people will love it due to the freedom the device will give them.

Although no dates are set in stone and there have been delays, it’s actually good that they do get it right before launching it. The full Notion Ink article can be found here.


  1. It has been over a month since the last update; can we have something more current, PLEASE???

  2. definitely one of the few tablet devices i’d be interested in, this device is going in the right direction, imho!

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