Notion Ink Adam Delayed possibly due to Tegra 2 Issues

The Notion Ink Adam is a promising looking tablet device that looks to have real potential based on what it looks like, what OS it runs and how it performs. The Adam is an Android based tablet that was due to launch soon although it seems now it has been delayed due to issues with the NVIDIA Tegra chips that are to be found inside.

The NVIDIA Tegra 2 problem for the Notion Ink Adam isn’t just a problem for that specific tablet device though. SlashGear are reporting that any device using those specific chips will see some delays. This is due to some specific problems with stability when devices are using the chips, so until those problems are ironed out we wont be seeing the Notion Ink Adam as well as several other tablet devices.

Other tablets effected include the ICD Ultra and Vega as well as the Compal tablet. Each tablet was due to launch in the summer, but chip delays will cause about a two month delay to these particular products launching.

The issues all revolve around the stability of the new next generation Tegra chips and is believe to be caused by both a software and hardware technical issue.

As soon as we hear more on this issue we’ll pass the details on. We do hope it will be resolved soon as the world right now seems to be looking at alternatives in the tablet arena. Right now it seems like the iPad will be getting a great headstart over the rest of the products who generally haven’t launched yet.

Via: Giz

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