Notion Ink Adam Tablet Running Flash Video

The Notion Ink Adam looks to be a fairly decent tablet device that is launching this year. The Adam tablet is Tegra-based and runs the Android OS. The front panel is a touchscreen and on the back, part of the casing forms a touchpad to scroll a mouse pointer around if needed.

On the top edge of the device is a webcam that can swivel from front to back allowing video to be captured ahead of you, or video calls to be made while it faces you.

The Notion Ink Adam is currently being shared with a number of data carriers this week which indicates when launched it could come at a subsidised price as well as full price un-subsidised.

A video made a few days ago can be found giving a quick hands-on with the Adam, and below that a video from the guys at SlashGear showing flash running within the browser which is good to see. We’ll here more of the device this week, but for now take a look at the videos below.

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