Notion Ink Adam Delayed Again – Coming before Year End

The Notion Ink Adam tablet looked very promising when we first stumbled across it a few months back. The first time we saw it was back in February. Shortly after that we heard it was being delayed, and delayed again. We now hear that it has been delayed till the year end due to problems with investors.

From what we understand, the company has lost investors and has lost money also which is the main reason for the delays.

The sad part about all this is that this particular tablet looks like it could be in with a chance of doing well. It’s innovative, looks good and appears to perform well… but with the delays it’s looking less likely that we will ever see it.

An official statement does give some hope though. It was provided by Notion Ink to Engadget and says…

“We will have the device before the year ends. It will be introduced at a major event after which you can order it online. It has to be placed strategically, as this is our maiden effort. Whatever has happened cannot be changed, but with the support we are getting from all, we might just become a part of the history. Also on the pricing, all the 3 devices will be lower than even the basic model of iPad.”

So, the last line is interesting in that it will be cheaper than the basic iPad which currently retails for $499 in the US.

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