Nokia want N8 Prototype Back

Nokia Conversations have spoken up about the prototype Nokia N8 that was leaked on to a site recently and reviewed. The post is titled “One of our children is missing” and goes in to the details of the phone by saying it is a prototype that runs an early build of the Symbian^3 OS… hence the reason it had a few problems.

This wasn’t the first time a Nokia product appeared online before it had been announced. This particular site openly flaunts its ability to acquire our property. Yes, we have to take a look at ourselves, and we are diligently hunting down the source of these leaks. Frankly, we pride ourselves on trust at Nokia, and someone has greatly betrayed that.

Nokia are working on finding the leak who provides the phones to the particular site that reviews them and finishes off as follows…

So now that the official news is out, we’d like our prototype back. Please.

After reading that, it would be good to see the final release of the OS to see if it gets better, so right now we really can’t write the phone off at all.

Via: Nokia Conversations

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